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By Lotanna Obodozie
August 25, 2021

The climate crisis threatens to destroy everything we know and hold dear by fueling an increase in more destructive climate catastrophes like rising sea levels, hurricanes, and uncontrollable wildfires. In addition, communities of color, low-income communities, and tribal communities— also known as frontline communities—are experiencing the worst impacts of climate change.

Young people care about the climate crisis. We know that our generations are going to be the most impacted by its devastating effects if urgent action isn’t taken quickly. The cost—in dollars, lives, and resources—of climate inaction far outpaces the cost of taking action now. As of July 9, 2021, National Centers for Environmental Information reports that the costs of extreme weather and natural disasters have cost the U.S. over $8B. It is critical that Congress invest in mitigation and prevention now to deliver on the commitments made in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and protect our futures.

Use the buttons below to learn more about the climate crisis and the many issues that intersect with it, and then take action by using our tool to email your elected representatives and demand they take bold action to solve the climate crisis. 

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