Generation Progress works with and for young people around the country to make sure that their voices are heard loud and clear on the issues that matter to them. GP’s youth-led and -driven work engages and trains primarily 18- to 35-year-olds building powerful movements on the issues impacting our generation. We win victories for young people today while empowering leaders who will fight for our communities on the issues that matter for decades to come.

Generation Progress has been leading youth-driven change on progressive issues since its original founding as Campus Progress in 2005. Rebranding in 2013 to Generation Progress, to be more inclusive of the entire generation, our team has been at the forefront of developing young leaders to push for our collective vision of a progressive future for over a decade.

An investment in the power-building work of Generation Progress means that the Millennials and Generation Z, the largest and most diverse generations in American history, will have young leaders and an infrastructure to mobilize to engage in the progressive policy fights of today and tomorrow.

Our Latest Reports

Young People are Leading Movements

Network of people committed to the issues impacting young people in America.
Contributors who have shared their stories with us and received training from GP to tell their experiences in a way that drives their policy agenda.
Media hits annually highlighting the voices, actions, and impact of young people around the country.



Leslie Marshall Show: NCAA Sports Shortchange Black Men; Trump to Roll Back Criminal Justice Reform?

During the first half hour, they are joined by the authors of a new report detailing the ‘surprising ways that college sports are shortchanging black men.’

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The challenge of US student debt

Student Debt

Student debt in the United States causes real financial pain for millions of borrowers. We hear the personal stories of some Americans affected by significant student loans, and get wider context from Natalia Abrams, executive director of the Los Angeles
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The Leslie Marshall Show: Banning LGBTQ Discrimination with Equality Act; HIV & the Black Community


The first topic is the bipartisan Equality Act, which was re-introduced in Congress last week. This crucial piece of legislation would ban discrimination against LGBTQ people in all aspects of life. The expert guest on this topic is the Law
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