July 30, 2014

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Generation Progress is a resource to you. We provide resources to young, progressive journalists who are running publications or contributing to the media as an individual. We also provide resources on important issues and current events, including talking points, news clips, fact sheets, and policy reports. Additionally, we’re also available to assist in professional development, including resume workshops and feedback, internship opportunities, and other career advice.

Generation Progress is a think tank that produces original policy research and writing. Our network is given early access to these issue briefs and reports and you are welcome to use them in your writing and reporting. You also have access to the authors and experts behind those reports, for additional background information or original interviews.


Generation Progress can train you on a variety of progressive media tactics. You name the topic, we’ll find an expert to teach you about it! We also utilize the talent within our networks, encouraging you to train your peers on topics you excel in. Trainings are most often led online in webinar format or on the phone over conference call. Occasional in-person trainings are hosted in Washington D.C. with Generation Progress staff or around the country with our network of Voices Network alumni.

Generation Progress is a hub for young progressives. Your membership in the Voices Network is your entry into a community of young communicators working to spread progressive ideals and we encourage you to engage with your colleagues to spread your work and share ideas. Our networks receive access to exclusive events, resources, and opportunities available only to our Generation Progress family. You also have access to our partners, other networks, and friends around the country — everyone from local organizers on the ground to the White House.


Generation Progress uplifts the voices of young people. Our Voices blog and social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, and Medium, are available as mouthpieces for you to utilize when pushing out your work. Are you particularly proud of a story you’ve written on campus? We’ll cross-post it on our blog! Want a boost on a Twitter or Facebook? We’re share your work on our platforms! Have a story idea that doesn’t quite fit in your publication but think it’s something worth sharing? Send us a pitch and we’ll post your original writing on our blog. Stories posted to our blog are shared on Generation Progress social media platforms and in our email newsletters.

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