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May 21, 2013

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Who We Are

Generation Progress is a national organization that works with and for young people to promote progressive solutions to key political and social challenges. As the 95 million strong Millennial Generation comes of age and enters the work force, public service, and the voting booths, our issue-based programs will create an ecosystem for young progressives ages 18-35. We encourage young Americans to develop public policy solutions, communicate effectively, and gain leadership and advocacy skills and build grassroots power to effect change.

Over the past decade, Generation Progress has worked to train the next generation of young, progressive journalists through our in-house editorial work and our network of progressive, student-run media outlets on college campuses across the country. Members of our networks are offered numerous opportunities: published bylines for a national, progressive audience; specialized training at local and national events, and ongoing leadership development opportunities. By providing support and training to young communications on key issues, we can more effectively build support for progressive change.

Who You Are


We are looking for young journalists, communications professionals, issue advocates, and digital/social media influencers to join the Voices Network. The common thread between network members is a desire to understand how to communicate in today’s media world—from writing the strongest blog posts to being ready for TV interviews. Individuals accepted to our network will express an interest in learning communications tactics on progressive issues within our core areas—Economic Justice, Civil & Human Rights, and Democracy.

Generation Progress is transforming talented young people into strategic reporters and thoughtful commentators whose voices influence national and local campaigns regarding issues that matter most to young people. Our editorial work is often republished in leading progressive outlets, including The Nation, Gawker, Care2, the Huffington Post, and Mother Jones. Our writers have gone to work for the Huffington Post, The American Prospect, The New Republic, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Washington Monthly, Bitch magazine, the Daily Beast, The Guardian, The Root, Slate, Yes! magazine, Talking Points Memo, Mother Jones, the Boston Globe, The Nation, and many others.


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