July 12, 2013

It’s official: Campus Progress is changing.

After seven successful years of engaging young people to bring about positive change on issues ranging from economic opportunity and sustainability to human rights and justice, we are excited to announce that Campus Progress is reorganizing, expanding, and building on our innovative programs in activism, journalism, and events.

Enter: Generation Progress.

We’re the same great organization you’ve worked with in the past, and we’ll continue to work with and for you on a range of important issues.


As our 95 million Millennial generation comes of age and enters the workforce, public service, and the voting booths, our new programs will create an ecosystem for young progressives aged 18-35 to develop public policy solutions, communicate effectively, gain leadership and advocacy skills, and build our grassroots power to create progressive change.

Our commitment to raising our generation’s voices has never been stronger and our new, expanded structure will take Generation Progress to the next level. As we move forward, our issue campaigns will be framed within three progressive areas: Economic Justice, Human and Civil Rights, and Democracy.

Our economic justice work is focused on creating an economy that works for our generation. We’ll focus on access to and success in higher education, loan rates, student debt, youth employment, and other economic issues—including the federal budget, and progressive economic growth—that impact young people.

Our human and civil rights work includes our continued advocacy for LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, preventing gun violence, and other issues of creating a more just society grounded in our progressive values.

Our democracy campaigns will explore ways to engage young people in the electoral process and civic engagement, including voting rights, voter education, and civic participation.

The fight for a progressive America will only become more intense. It is more important than ever before that we fight for the rights of all with a unified voice and an unrelenting march for equality and justice for all.

We hope you’ll join us.


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