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In this moment of political activism and emerging youth leadership, it’s clear that we need fresh, unique ideas to push back against dangerous, outdated agendas and spread progressive values throughout the country. That’s why Generation Progress is excited to announce our 2018-19 Fight4AFuture Gun Violence Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform Network.

Generation Progress believes in the power and passion of young people wanting to make a difference. With 12 inspiring young people from ten states, the Leadership Council will be working to make sure youth voices are heard in the fight for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.

Through the Leadership Council, we will continue to build a movement that is inclusive and sensitive to the urgent needs of communities impacted by gun violence and the criminal justice system, and a movement that is led by young people to address gun violence at its roots while pushing for genuine security in all communities.

You can learn more about the members of our Leadership Council below and join the Fight4AFuture Network yourself here.

GP’s #Fight4AFuture Senior Consultant>>
2018-19 Fight4AFuture Leadership Council>>

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