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In the midst of COVID-19, states across the country are beginning to decide whether or not to scale back stay-home orders or open up slowly. Even with so much uncertainty, one business we know has never needed to stay open in the middle of this pandemic: gun stores.

As of April 24, 2020, the United States now has more cases of COVID-19 than any other country with 899,148 confirmed cases. 

During this time full of uncertainty and fear, an increase in gun violence shouldn’t be something we add to the list. This past March was the first March since 2002 that there wasn’t a school shooting in the U.S.

Even with these staggering facts in mind, Donald Trump’s administration has recommended that states list gun stores as critical businesses that can stay open during the coronavirus crisis.

We need your help telling Trump, Secretary Wolf, and Director Krebs of Homeland Security that gun stores are not essential. 

Why shouldn’t you or a friend/distant relative purchase fire arms during this pandemic?

  • A gun is more likely to be stolen than used for self-defense
  • Guns that are not locked up properly create an increased risk for accidental shootings by children
  • Social isolation aids in flattening the curve but also increases risk factors for suicide. Suicides using a firearm accounts for two-thirds of all gun deaths in the US
  • Guns in the home increase the risk of injury for survivors of domestic violence who may be currently isolated with their abusers

Firearms will NOT make people safer duringin the face of this pandemic, it will only exacerbate the potential spread of COVID-19 at gun stores and increase the number of gun-related deaths. 


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