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Democracy is connected to all the issues we care about. If we are ever going to see progress on them, we must have a democracy that responds to the needs and priorities of young voters.

Actions, Democracy

Last year, young people showed up at the polls to ask for progressive change. We asked for better healthcare, affordable education, solutions to the climate crisis, and more. Because we voted in record numbers, we won.

Now, in 2021, conservative forces are responding with a wave of attacks on our democracy. Over 400 voter suppression bills have been introduced in state legislatures this year, aimed at preventing young voters, low-income voters, and voters of color from making their voices heard. And, as lawmakers and officials begin the process of drawing new state and federal districts, bad actors are already working to undermine the process, redrawing districts to give their political party an unfair advantage.

Democracy is connected to many important issues young people care about. If we are ever going to see progress on these issues, we must have a democracy that represents the will of the people. We must protect our elections.

We urge Congress and the Biden-Harris administration to lead a transformative push to strengthen and protect our democracy in 2021. We need the Freedom to Vote Act. 

The Freedom to Vote Act, a revised version of the For the People Act, includes multiple policy solutions to build a stronger democracy that will more fairly represent all people, including marginalized communities that often have been kept from realizing the American dream.

This bill would:

  • increase fair access to the ballot box, making it easier to vote;
  • end the dominance of big money in politics; and
  • ban partisan gerrymandering, ensuring that every vote is equal. 

Our democracy is in danger. It’s up to Congress and the Biden-Harris administration to protect it. Email Congress todaytell them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act.