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Thursday, the Senate is finally holding an actual vote to reopen the government. Trump has been holding over 800,000 public servants hostage over a costly, unnecessary wall that Americans don’t want, and it’s time to end it.

Join us and thousands of others NOW to contact both your Senators and say you want:

  • No funding for the border wall;
  • To reopen the government and ensure that 800,000 public servants receive the paychecks they deserve.

Federal employees—people who provide services we all rely on—are now relying on us. A vote to end the shutdown will ensure they get paid so they can finally pay for things like student loans, mortgages, heating bills, and groceries.

It’s time now for us to hold our Senators accountable, and make sure they vote the way the American people want. We took to the streets this month to protest this, but you can take action no matter where you are by sending this critical email.

Take action before tomorrow’s vote in the Senate. End the shutdown.

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