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The immigration crisis at the southern border is a direct result of deliberate and cruel decisions being made by the Trump administration. This humanitarian crisis is not due to a lack of resources; it is because Congress has allowed the current administration to utilize its resources to maximize cruelty, rather than meet the real human needs that exist. 

Under an enforcement-only immigration policy, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agencies have used taxpayer dollars to separate families both at the border and through massive raids on American communities. They’ve expanded migrant detention camps, despite many adults and children dying from the inhumane conditions in these facilities. Billions of dollars are being used to fuel this immigrant detention and deportation machine, and the agencies have demanded more money to expand their reach across the southern border. 

Our country would be better and safer if we invested in programs that build up our communities—in housing, education, health care, and natural disaster response funding—rather than directing an endless stream of money to bankroll xenophobic policies.

The fight for humane immigration policies is personal to us.That’s why Generation Progress has joined the #DefundHate Campaign. The Defund Hate Campaign is a coalition of immigrant rights and progressive organizations that are urging Congress to reduce funding to agencies like ICE and CBP. We believe that Congress must fight the atrocities Trump is committing at the southern border and throughout this country by decreasing funding for ICE and CBP—the agencies that drive these abuses. Decreasing their funding is the most effective way to block the implementation of the administration’s anti-immigrant agenda. 

Tell Congress to decrease funding to agencies executing the president’s hate-fueled agenda. It’s time to #DefundHate! 

Visit the #DefundHate campaign website to see who’ve we’ve partnered with, what we’re fighting for, and other actions you can take right now.

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