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Climate change affects us all, but it has a disproportionate impact on women and girls—more so if they are Black, Latinx, or Indigenous women and girls. This Mother’s Day, honor the women and girls in your life by acting to protect Mother Earth. Start by to calling on the Trump administration to stop the continued rollbacks of critical environmental protections, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our country is in the middle of a severe respiratory health crisis. COVID-19 poses a greater risk to those who have underlying respiratory conditions, like asthma and pneumonia.

We should expect the Trump administration to do its job. But, rather than helping those in need, the Trump administration is rolling back the very environmental protections that keep us safe and keep the air we breathe clean.

The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working against the best interests of our environment by indefinitely suspending enforcement of pollution limits from refineries and power plants nationwide, rolling back the life-saving Clean Car Standards, and much more.

Young people and our families have the right to live in safe, sustainable communities.

But under the Trump administration’s dirty deputy Andrew Wheeler, the agency that is meant to enforce this right is siding with corporations over the American people. 

Increased air pollution that will come as a result of the EPA relaxing its enforcement of pollution limits indefinitely can exacerbate higher rates of respiratory diseases like pneumonia and asthma. 

And increased pollution from power plants and refineries that aren’t forced to comply with pollution laws will disproportionately impact low-income communities and communities of color, who are more likely to live near polluting facilities.

Take 30 seconds and tell Congress to protect vulnerable Americans and our environment during COVID-19. After you take action, tell three friends to do the same thing.


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