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President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh is his nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. If confirmed, Kavanaugh could sit on the court for the next 40 years where he would dismantle everything from voting rights to health care. President Trump made it clear that he would only pick judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade and outlaw abortion. He also made it clear his nominee would vote to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, letting insurance companies charge more or refuse coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. And most disturbingly, he expects complete loyalty from his nominee.

And sure enough, here is what we are finding out about Kavanaugh (1):

This fight is about voting rights, immigrant rights, health care, women’s rights, climate, gun violence prevention, and so much more. Everything we are fighting against comes together with this We cannot let the U.S. Senate confirm this extremist, dangerous nominee. We must speak out now to protect our future. This is the fight for our lives and the soul of this country.

Here’s what we know (trigger warning):

  • Before his hearing, we learned of Judge Kavanaugh’s existing record of effectively ruling against a woman’s right to choose—from attempting to stop a young woman from having an abortion to forcing disabled women to have abortions.
  • During his hearing on September 4, 2018, Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh appeared to lie under oath several times, by contradicting prior statements and written documents from his past.
  • During the hearing we also learned of his extremist viewpoints on issues important to women—from his previous writings showing that he doesn’t believe Roe v. Wade is settled law to referring to birth control as “abortion-inducing drugs.”
  • After the hearing, a confidential letter submitted to Senator Dianne Feinstein prior to the hearing was leaked. The survivor, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, courageously offered to come forward and speak her truth to provide the Senate a comprehensive view of Kavanaugh’s character.
  • Senate Republicans have repeatedly dismissed Dr. Blasey Ford’s request for a full, thorough FBI investigation into her claims. Moreover, the so-called process they have come up with to hear her testimony is less than the process used to hear Anita Hill’s testimony when she came forward with similar claims against now Justice Clarence Thomas.
  • Despite Dr. Blasey Ford offering four people who can corroborate her story, Senate Republicans are refusing to hear from these witnesses at the hearing today. They refuse to subpoena Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge who is alleged to have been in the room when the assault happened.
  • A second survivor, Deborah Ramirez, has come forward with her story of an alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh.
  • A third survivor, Julie Swetnick, has come forward claiming Kavanaugh gang raped her.
  • And as the hours tick on, more brave survivors are coming forward with their stories about Brett Kavanaugh.

(1) For more on Kavanaugh, go to

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