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President Trump has signed one of several possible COVID-19 stimulus packages but he has only approved a budget of $400 million in election assistance funding. This is not nearly enough. 

The recent Wisconsin primary demonstrated the dangers of a failure to protect, expand, and implement voting opportunities for all eligible Americans. The city of Milwaukee—home to almost 300,000 people—decreased its election day polling places from 180 to 5. This forced voters to choose between their health and safety and their right to vote.

This chaos only proves that $400 million in election assistance is a good down payment, but is nowhere near enough to properly ready our elections.

Federal leaders have a duty to protect the fundamental right to vote. It is critical that we continue to put pressure on the U.S. Senate to ensure that the $4 billion needed to protect our elections is included in the next stimulus bill for COVID-19.  This critical election assistance can and should be used by states to implement vote-by-mail options, expand early voting and online registration, and increase the safety of voting in-person.  

Congress must provide the resources to implement necessary measures for carrying out elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which means funding must be expanded. 

We need your help urging Congress to make sure that voting is safe and accessible this upcoming election. 

COVID-19 doesn’t care that it’s an election year, but we need to. Take action today.

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