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If you have been directed here looking for our action to protect those in jails and prisons, please check out this page! Thanks for your patience while we try to get out information quickly and efficiently!

Federal leaders have a duty to protect the fundamental right to vote. To fulfill that duty, there needs to be at least $2 billion of emergency funding to support implementing and expanding voter registration and voting opportunities for all eligible Americans. These opportunities should include things like online voter registration, no-excuse absentee voting, vote-by-mail, and early voting. 

Congress must provide the resources to implement necessary measures for carrying out elections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which means funding must be expanded. 

This expanded budget would allow lawmakers to:

  • Increase vote by mail options to include 
    1. No-excuse absentee voting
    2. Secure ballot request technology and drop off locations
  • Establish in-person voting options that are safe and accessible with extended early voting and increased polling location support
  • Support robust remote voter registration efforts by increasing online voter registration and same-day registration capabilities
  • Increase public education on changes to voting rules and available options for voters
  • Adopt and expand paid time off for voting
  • Support the U.S. Postal Service to manage demands on the postal system caused by increased use of mail-in ballots and cover the cost of postage

We need your help urging Congress to provide funding to expand access and voter registration to aid voters casting their ballots during social distancing. 

COVID-19 doesn’t care that it’s an election year, but we need to. Take action today.


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