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Actions, Democracy, Racial Justice

Florida lawmakers recently put forward anti-protest bills that would criminalize our rights to free speech and ability to organize. This proposed legislation, called Florida’s Combating Public Disorder bills (HB 1/SB 484), would criminalize our constitutional right to free assembly and peaceful protests. 

There’s no secret that this proposal is in direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the monumental nationwide protests we saw this past summer. This effort has one goal: silence, criminalize, and penalize Floridians who want to see justice for Black lives lost to racialized violence and brutality at the hands of law enforcement.

If passed, this bill would:

  • silence, criminalize, and penalize Black and Brown Floridians and their allies for exercising their First Amendment rights; 
  • prohibit local governments from determining how to allocate funding for police reform;
  • protect confederate monuments; and 
  • shield counter-protesters from civil liability if they injure or kill a protester.

The purpose of this bill is to silence the advocates, like you, who believe in using their first amendment rights to speak out against injustice. The right to peacefully protest should never be infringed on, especially through legislation. 

HB 1 and SB 484 will make peaceful protests and direct action illegal. Criminalizing peaceful protests goes against the very fabric of our Constitution. Tell your lawmakers and Governor Desantis that you never want your constitutional rights to be infringed. Demand that they vote NO on HB 1 and SB 484.

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