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The Trump administration has started yet another attack on environmental policies that are meant to combat climate change. This time it’s the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA

Here’s a little background:

NEPA requires considerations of environmental impact for all new infrastructure projects. Which means regular people like us get to have a voice when it comes to approving projects that may impact our communities. 

It also keeps companies in check, forcing them to have both environmental and community impact at the forefront of their planning process.

Unfortunately, the Chair of Trump’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), Mary Neumayr, recently proposed changes to the law that would completely undermine it and change the way agencies complete environmental reviews. This would put big business interests ahead of healthy and safe communities.

We know this is wrong. And we have to stop them. We have until March 10 to flood CEQ with comments opposing the changes. 

NEPA has been a critical tool in protecting communities from highways through their neighborhoods, pipelines on their borders, and oil and gas drilling next to their schools. Now, the Trump administration wants to change that.  

The Trump admin’s proposed changes would: 

  • Give fossil fuel companies the green light to bulldoze neighborhoods for their polluting projects.
  • Make projects more expensive to taxpayers while making people and property more vulnerable.
  • Restrict the ability for affected community members to weigh in. 
  • Render the review process completely useless.

Tell the Council on Environmental Quality that young people want a thorough, transparent environmental review processnot one that hurts our communities and climate.

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