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Actions, Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice

Recently a video went viral of a Broward County sheriff’s deputy pepper spraying a 15-year-old child, before another deputy slammed his face into the ground twice and punched him in the head, leaving him with a face-full of blood.

The deputy in question, identified by the Washington Post as Christopher Krickovich, is on “restrictive administrative assignment,” and Sheriff Gregory Tony has promised a full investigation.

But, department discipline and termination are not enough. What we witnessed on that video is an assault on a child and it must be prosecuted as such.

Take action now and email Michael Satz, the State Attorney for the 17th Judicial District, and tell him to file charges against Krickovich.

Children deserve to grow up without the fear of having their faces smashed into asphalt by a law enforcement officer who’s either too scared or too biased to do his job appropriately.

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