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Young people aged 18 to 35 make up about 30% of the US adult population, but more than 60% of adult arrests and 42% of prison admissions. 

We recognize and seek to undo the numerous and often unnecessary barriers that people with criminal records face—barriers that can prevent people from accessing education, employment, healthcare, and housing. 

For the 70-100 million Americans with a criminal record, these life necessities are especially hard to come by because of the collateral consequences that accompany a record, limiting their chances of succeeding potential. 

In order to ensure those with existing arrest and conviction records aren’t burdened by these collateral consequences, we must implement fair hiring practices and Clean Slate policies. We must also work to end mass criminalization and mass incarceration so that fewer people enter the criminal legal system and face these problems in the future.

Your state legislators have the power to act on this issue. Take action today and tell them to shrink the criminal legal system and give justice-involved individuals a chance to reach their full potential.

When you’re done, check out the issue brief we recently released on this topic.

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