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The fact that millions of Americans, particularly Black and Brown and low-income borrowers, are saddled with student loan debt is a shameful testament to the broken promise of the American Dream.

With the cost of college rising by over 1,000% from 1982-2012, and another 25% in the last 10 years, it’s no surprise that we’ve landed our country in a dire student debt crisis. 45 million student loan borrowers hold $1.7 trillion in debt and for many, there’s no way out from under the debt burden.

Which is why we need President Biden to #CancelStudentDebt–borrowers immediately need their balances reduced. But this alone won’t solve the student debt crisis; Congress must fix the root of this issue by addressing the cost of college to ensure no one is ever put in the same situation as today’s borrowers.

The heart of the debt crisis is the fact that higher education has become incredibly unaffordable and inaccessible due to decades of divestment from federal and state governments. Simultaneously, the cost of living and inflation continued to increase while wages stagnated.  

We believe that a quality higher education shouldn’t only be accessible to the rich. EVERYONE should be able to choose their education path and future, regardless of background or wealth, without taking on the burden of debt or financial strain.    

That’s why we’re calling on Congress and the White House to #CancelStudentDebt AND pass #FreeCollege legislation!

Debt cancellation and making college free are two sides of the same coin–both are key to making higher education equitable across racial, gender, and economic groups. #FreeCollege is a social, economic, and racial justice issue. 

Luckily, there are already several #FreeCollege proposals on the table. In recent years, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced his College for All legislation and Senator Brian Schatz, the Debt-Free College Act

We have legislation on the table. We just need you to tell your elected officials to support #FreeCollege and to #CancelStudentDebt! 

Once you’ve emailed Congress and the administration, take the student debt survey or share your student debt story here to help us put a face on the student debt crisis.

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