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Part of our mission at Generation Progress is to build better activists and ensure progressive young people around the country have the resources they need to make a difference. 

Recently we met up with our colleagues at Opportunity Youth United (OYUnited) and together we’re hatching a plan to get you access to a brand-new suite of tools for your activism! 

With training and support from the Forum for Youth Investment and OYUnited, you can become a Local Team Leader. These Local Team Leaders will build up their skills so they can efficiently organize a group of friends, neighbors, family members, and/or colleagues. Local Team Leaders will learn how to win over their federal Representative or Senators to support expanded investment in opportunities for young adults to access education, employment, service, and leadership programs in their communities.

If you are interested in leveling up your organizing skills and becoming a Local Team Leader for RYC, register here. A member of OYUnited will reach out directly to you in response!

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