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Actions, Health Care, Racial Justice, Student Debt, Women

In a pandemic where our access to affordable education and health care have completely changed, we need policies that allow us, including the most vulnerable, to reach our full potential.

As we enter the workforce, we’re the most educated generation in history, but that education comes with debilitating debt. We’ve seen the impacts student loan debt can have, holding people back from other major life milestones, like buying a house or starting a family.  

Total national student loan debt is currently at $1,600,000,000, with Black borrowers paying the highest monthly payments at over $350 a month—that’s nearly how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque. Women, who are already harmed by the gender wage gap, earning less than their male counterparts, hold two-thirds of that national debt. 

And recent legislation is going further in holding women, particularly women of color, back. This year alone, state politicians have introduced nearly 400 bills to restrict access to abortion. Abortion bans and restrictions always hurt young people the most—nearly 70% of women who have abortions are 18-29 years old and most are women of color. When women are denied the abortion care they need and have a right to, they are four times more likely to live in poverty.

We need our lawmakers to enact policies that allow all of us, across racial or socio-economic lines, to reach our full potential in 2021 and beyond. We can start with making college free, canceling student debt for existing borrowers, and ensuring equitable access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion.

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