By Doug Bair
January 29, 2014
Caption : Madison Embrey.     Credit : Corinne Louie.

Without health coverage, Madison Embrey, a senior Commercial Dance major at Pace University, says she would be constantly worried that her dance career was only an expensive medical bill away from a devastating end.

“I’ve chosen to devote myself to a professional performance career, meaning my body is my instrument, tool, and potentially, my main source of income,” Embrey said.  “The risk would be too high to take on such a health-oriented career without being insured. I need health care in order to begin my dance career, so dancing is the perfect way to make people aware.”

Obamacare provides her peace of mind so she can pursue a successful dance career.

Madison Embrey.

Madison Embrey.

CREDIT: Jennifer Mitchell.

Additionally, she has access to affordable healthcare that will be there when she needs it, so she can make sure she remains healthy and never has to miss a performance due to sickness or injury.

This afternoon, Embrey joined fellow Pace dancers and healthcare navigators as well as former Super Bowl player Donte Stallworth in Central Park for a performance that has special meaning to this young dancer.

So why were Broadway-hopeful dancers, Obamacare navigators, and a former Super Bowl player all dancing in a park on frigid January afternoon?

Generation Progress’ #RockEnroll flashmob to Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis’ hit “Can’t Hold Us.”

#RockEnroll has united dancers, Super Bowl fans, and Obamacare experts with the common goal of encouraging people to tell their friends to sign up for healthcare coverage and let them know about the new benefits and financial assistance available through the Affordable Care Act.

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