Democrats now control both the White House and Congress, which has massive implications for many different policy areas—including climate. In President Biden’s first week in office, his administration has already signed several executive orders reversing harmful policies from the Trump administration and establishing new policies that experts agree will help us better address the climate crisis. On January 27th, declared “Climate Day” by the White House, Biden signed an executive order establishing a White House interagency council on environmental justice, creating an office of health and climate equity at the Health and Human Services Department, and forming a separate environmental justice office at the Justice Department.

Brent J. Cohen and Edwith Theogene spoke with LaTricea Adams, the founder, CEO, and president of Black Millennials 4 Flint, and Alexandria Villaseñor, the founder of Earth Uprising, to break down some of the immediate actions that the Biden administration has taken on climate and where policy experts and environmental justice advocates hope that the administration and Congress will go from here.

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