Our country is facing a constitutional crisis, the fallout from which will affect our nation for decades to come. Millennials and Gen Z, who will collectively make up 37 percent of our electorate in 2020, cannot be left out of any conversation about the future of this country. We will inherit this nation and this government, so we are uniquely invested in ensuring that the system we are left with is one with integrity. Recognizing the severity of this crisis, we call on Congress to fulfill their duties to the American people by pursuing full-scale articles of impeachment for the president.

Young people across the country have been and are continuing to lead bold movements on the issues that matter most to our generations. Last Friday, young people led the Global Climate Strike, which activists estimate 4 million people participated in worldwide. Young people are leading on gun violence prevention in their communities and at the national level, pressuring lawmakers to take action by passing gun violence prevention solutions including assault weapons bans, extreme risk prevention orders, and universal background checks. But too often, young people are left out of conversations about the future of our democracy. This cannot continue. Our ability to enact change and make our government work better for more people is predicated on our country maintaining a functional democracy. We will organize, use our voices, and flex our electoral muscle to ensure that people in power do not jeopardize our future and the future of this nation.

Generation Progress Executive Director Brent J. Cohen issued the following statement in response:

“The voices of young people must be heard when it comes to decisions that will affect our democracy for years to come. Generation Progress works with young people every day who are determined to make a difference—they deserve a government that acts ethically and with integrity. For this reason, we are calling on Congress to impeach the president.”

For more information or to speak to an expert, contact Emily Leach at eleach@americanprogress.org.

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