Washington, D.C.—Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed a bill making it legal to carry concealed firearms on public college and university campuses. Despite vetoing a similar bill last year, Governor Deal bowed to pressure to allow guns on campus. Ronnie Mosley, a Generation Progress #Fight4AFuture Network leader based in Atlanta, Georgia, issued the following statement in response:

Governor Deal’s decision to sign Georgia House Bill 280 makes clear for whom he governs. It is not the students, faculty, and staff of Georgia’s colleges and universities. It is not even in the interest and opinion of Georgians. With his decision to endanger citizens and visitors alike, Governor Deal governs on behalf of the gun lobby.

The opposition to allowing firearms on campuses set the foundation for a diverse coalition of Millennials, moms, clergy, education administration, and even law enforcement. For years, we have asked who is this legislation was for. It is by no accident that House Bill 280 passes on the heels of the N.R.A.’s convention, the same organization that provided the fill in the blank policy template and promised to reward those that championed the cause.

Georgia deserves better leadership than those who do not believe they should govern according to the will of its citizens. We look forward to electing individuals whom Georgians can believe in.

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