Washington, D.C. – Since its start, the Trump administration has methodically targeted every avenue of immigration—terminating Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti, Nepal, and Nicaragua; drastically restricting the ability for people to request asylum; making efforts to end DACA and TPS protections; and—just last week—unveiling a new public charge rule that presents a direct assault on legal immigration. Following this disturbing pattern, the Department of Homeland Security today released a draconian new rule which it intends to overturn the Flores settlement of 1997. 

In an administration that has demonstrated a particular animosity towards immigrants of color, it comes as no surprise that the new rule, which is patently inconsistent with the Flores settlement, would cause irreparable harm to immigrant children and families. Notably, the rule would allow children and families to be held for the entire duration of their immigration proceedings, amounting to indefinite confinement of children in detention camps.

As an organization that works directly with young people to assert political power on the issues that matter most to our generations, Generation Progress understands it is no coincidence the Trump administration has barraged immigrants of color with harmful policies; the underlying fear of this administration and other white supremacists is that our incredibly diverse generations are growing and gaining political power. Attacks like this one are pointed and should unfortunately be expected. 

Generation Progress Executive Director Brent J. Cohen issued the following statement in response:

“As Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan indicated this morning—and, as is often true with this administration—the cruelty is the point. Donald Trump has issued a rule that would allow him to cage young children and their families in inhumane detention camps indefinitely. Put simply, Trump is proposing the torture of children as a strategy to deter immigration. 

This most recent policy, and the administration’s overall attack on immigration and immigrants, is in direct opposition to our generations’ values and ethics. Millennials and Gen Z need our values to be reflected on this issue and all others––and we will flex our growing electoral muscle to ensure that they are.”

While rules like this normally go into effect 60 days after publication, organizations have seven days to file amicus briefs to challenge it—and it appears that many will do so. The rule will then be reviewed by a federal judge, who has indicated that she will make her decision in the next 25 days. 

For more information or to speak to an expert, contact Emily Leach at eleach@americanprogress.org.


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