Donald Trump now has approval from the Supreme Court to enforce a new policy that denies people the right to seek asylum at the United States border if they have crossed through another country on their journey—effectively ensuring that asylum protections are out of reach for the vast majority of people in need. This ruling comes on the heels of the recently unveiled public charge rule and just days after the administration abruptly changed existing policy in order to prevent displaced hurricane victims from the Bahamas from seeking refuge in the United States. These actions reaffirm this administration’s desire to shut off all avenues of legal entry into the country for Black and Brown people.

Millennials and Generation Z are the most diverse generations in the history of this country, and we are growing as a direct result of immigration. We condemn this decision by the Supreme Court and recognize this policy and the actions that have preceded it for what they truly are: a racist administration’s attempt to make this country one where only white people are welcome. Generation Progress knows that this immoral refusal to help those who need it the most is completely out of step with the values of young people, who have been stalwarts in the fight to protect human rights.

Generation Progress Executive Director Brent J. Cohen issued the following statement in response:

Even though it often seems as though we must move too quickly from one cruel action of this administration to the next, it is critical that we name patterns when we see them—and the thing that connects each action that this administration takes on immigration policy is racism.

Generation Progress stands with our allies and partners leading the charge on protecting the rights and basic safety of people seeking refuge, and we will continue to mobilize our growing network to ensure our generations’ values are reflected in the actions of our elected government. This administration is attempting to rewrite the narrative on immigration and redefine what is normal. Young people are watching—and we will use every tool we have to ensure they are not successful in that quest.

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