Washington, D.C.— Yesterday, the House of Representatives announced the Republican list of members who will comprise the new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Of the six members announced, at least three deny the scientific consensus on climate change. This announcement comes after a recent analysis found that the 116th Congress has 150 lawmakers who deny climate change. The climate crisis is already impacting people around the world through more frequent heat waves and droughts, stronger storms, and longer wildfire seasonsthese events are putting young people and marginalized communities most at risk. That’s why the youth-led #GTFO campaign is aiming to Get The Facts Out on climate change.

Brent J. Cohen, executive director of Generation Progress, released the following statement:

It’s disappointing to see a congressional committee dedicated to finding solutions to the climate crisis include lawmakers who deny mainstream science. Our elected leaders should be finding solutions to the climate crisis, not denying its very existence. The facts are out there, climate change is happening, and human activity is to blame—78 percent of Americans understand this reality. These climate deniers aren’t up to the task of addressing the climate crisis and they have no place on the Select Committee. We are prepared to hold these deniers accountable and push them to take climate change seriously. We are excited that Rep. Castor and the other six congressional leaders are ready to tackle one of the most pressing issues affecting our planet.

To find out more about the climate deniers in the 116th Congress, and what young people are doing to get the facts out, visit GetTheFactsOut.com.

For more information or to speak to an expert, contact Giovanni Rocco at grocco@americanprogress.org or 202.478.6348.

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