Washington, D.C.—As the 2020 election approaches, every candidate and campaign wants to know the secret to victory in November. The answer may be earning the votes of Millennials and Generation Z. These powerhouse generations will make up over a third of potential voters in this election, but a history of campaigns devaluing or overlooking these voters means much of that power remains untapped. 

Today, Generation Progress released a report on the power of young voters to decide the 2020 election, which includes our advice for campaigns on how they can better reach, persuade, and turn out this large and increasingly diverse section of the electorate. 

Our issue brief outlines the following:

  • Young people tend to be independent voters, and are increasingly resistant to affiliating with political parties.
  • High voter enthusiasm, combined with 2020 being a presidential election year, means we will likely see a surge in young voters in November. 
  • Campaigns need to earn the votes of young people by meeting them where they are and speaking to the issues they are facing. Their plans to do so must include robust digital and social media strategies. 

“Millennials and Generation Z voters have enormous power in this election—as a combined potential voting bloc, they’re bigger than the Boomer generation,” said Brent J. Cohen, the executive director of Generation Progress. “The onus is on campaigns to put in the work to earn their votes—which means engaging them earlier in the election cycle, centering their priorities in  policy plans, and giving them the information and resources they need to turn out and vote on Election Day. If candidates are able to do this, they will have a massive advantage in November.”

Click here to read the report: “Young Voters Are The Pathway To Victory In 2020,” by Emily Leach and Brent J. Cohen and here to watch the livestream of our event, which will start at 10:00 am ET.

For more information or to speak to an expert, contact Emily Leach at eleach@americanprogress.org. Find this statement and more on genprogress.org/press.

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