Washington, D.C. — As the NRA wraps up their convention in Dallas, today, Monday, May 7, more than 60 young gun violence survivors and advocates will storm Capitol Hill to meet with their elected representatives and demand immediate action on gun control. According to a recently released report from the Center for American Progress and Generation Progress, gunfire has overtaken car accidents as one of the leading killers of young people in the United States. Two thirds of Americans under the age of 30 support stronger gun laws. The NRA is out of step with America’s youth, and young people from across the country are mobilizing in big ways to call for a change to our nation’s weak gun laws and deadly gun culture.

Over the weekend, more than 100 gun violence survivors, activists, and students, from across America met in Baltimore, MD, for the fifth annual #Fight4AFuture summit. At the summit, young people were armed with the skills, tools, and network, necessary to fight back against the NRA and bring meaningful and long-lasting political and social change.

Gun violence affects young people—particularly youth of color—disproportionally. According to the report, young African Americans are eighteen times more likely than their white peers to be the victim of a gun homicide; young Hispanics are four times more likely to be victims. Gun suicides, an often-forgotten form of gun violence, affects white and Native American youth disproportionally. Every six days a young Native American commits suicide.

In 2014, Generation Progress and the Center for American Progress hosted the inaugural, first-of-its-kind national summit on gun violence prevention and America’s youth. That first summit resulted in the formation of the Generation Progress Gun Violence Prevention Network, now comprised of more than 4,500 young activists nationwide from rural suburbs to urban inner cities. Today, network members are among the leaders in the national movements for gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform. The summit seeks to transform the passion and energy around gun violence prevention and turn it into long-lasting and meaningful political and social change.

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