Washington, D.C. — As new research shows that 150 members of Congress stand with President Donald Trump in denying climate change, today, young voters are launching a new campaign to tell climate deniers that it’s time to #GTFO. Climate change denial represents a serious danger to the futures of young people, and they’re joining together to demand that elected officials Get The Facts Out. Trump, along with his climate denying allies in Congress, is out of step with the majority of Americans from both political parties, who know that climate change is real and is happening now.

In addition to the launch of GetTheFactsOut.com, young people who have experienced the impacts of climate change are speaking out:

David D’Angelo, musician and climate activist from North Carolina:

Storms are getting stronger. Wildfires are getting stronger. It’s staring us right in the face. Instead of putting profit over people, it’s long past time to act to preserve our planet.

Theodora Floy, wildlife rehabilitator from California:

Climate change affects what I do every single day. But it’s hard to return wildlife to the wild when their habitats are changing so quickly. It’s time for elected officials to take action—or we will pick new officials who will.

Angelina Luangpohon, student from Arizona:

Here in the Southwest, we see the firsthand impacts of climate change through prolonged droughts and dangerous heat waves. We need the new members of Congress to act where their colleagues have failed.

To learn more about this campaign, and to hear directly from young voters, please visit GetTheFactsOut.com.

To speak with an expert or the young people featured in this campaign, contact Giovanni Rocco at grocco@americanprogress.org.

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