Washington, D.C.—Today, Generation Progress re-launched its Get The Facts Out campaign to shed light on the dangers of climate change denial and expose people in power who continue to deny the reality of climate science. The campaign originated from a partnership between Green Latinos, Zero Hour, Defend Our Future, The Years Project, and Generation Progress in 2019.

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that climate change is real and a result of human activity. Yet the current administration and over 150 members of Congress continue to follow the fossil fuel industry’s playbook and insist that climate change isn’t happening, or that human activity isn’t to blame. Young Americans, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly united in their belief that climate change poses an urgent threat to our planet and favor bold, immediate action to protect the environment and those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

“Young people recognize the need to act on climate change and have consistently been at the forefront of environmental justice movements, but this administration—from the president to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency—and many members of Congress are choosing to parrot the fossil fuel industry’s talking points rather than advocate for the health and safety of the people they are supposed to serve.” said Brent J. Cohen, the executive director of Generation Progress. “GetTheFactsOut.com gives young people the tools they need to identify climate deniers serving in federal government roles, debunk myths surrounding climate change, and voice their opinions on the need for action on this issue.” 

For more information on the campaign, visit the campaign’s website at www.getthefactsout.com or contact Emily Leach, at eleach@americanprogress.org.

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