Washington, D.C.—Today, Generation Progress launched the Beyond The Presidency campaign, which will shed light on the power that state and local officials have, and give young people the tools they need to hold these officials accountable. 

The first arm of this multi-pronged campaign will look at the role of states’ chief election officials, who have the most influence when it comes to protecting fair access to the ballot box, with a special focus on secretaries of state, who occupy this role in 38 states. A newly released action toolkit provides a resource guide on the role of the secretary of state, an email tool to call-on governors and chief election officials to take urgent action to protect the 2020 election, an email tool to demand Congress allocate critical federal funding to protect voter health and election integrity, and a click-to-tweet tool to call out individual states’ election officials or secretaries of state on social media. 

Future prongs of the campaign will look at other powerful positions including local sheriffs and district attorneys. 

“Local and state elected officials have a lot more power than their visibility might suggest—they can have a massive influence on the lives of the people they serve and the long term well-being of their communities,” said Brent J. Cohen, executive director of Generation Progress. “We are launching the Beyond The Presidency campaign to provide young people with tools to hold their local and state officials accountable. In this election cycle, we are already seeing racist voter suppression tactics masquerading as a response to the pandemic, which is why it has never felt more urgent or critical to highlight the state officials who are responsible for ensuring the conditions for fair elections.”

Interested in seeing more information on the campaign or taking action? Access our action toolkit by visiting genprogress.org/protect-our-elections or email eleach@americanprogress.org.

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