Washington, DC — Tomorrow, Tax Day 2018, student loan borrowers, advocates, and legislators, will hold a press conference outside of Navient’s offices in Reston, VA, to protest the student loan company’s $204 million windfall from Trump’s tax plan passed into law last year, and their efforts that killed a full Borrower’s Bill of Rights from passing in Virginia earlier this year.

Instead of investing their savings into making loan repayment easier for borrowers, the student loan company with a history of predatory practices is expected to pass the vast majority of the money onto their wealthy shareholders. In addition to being nailed with a lawsuit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2016, Navient is now on the record for having shut down progress for borrowers seeking basic consumer protections on their student loans in Virginia and Maryland.

This rally is in solidarity with the dozens of Tax Day events happening across the country where taxpayers will protest Trump’s tax plan and the millions of dollars of giveaways to corporations and the mega-rich. A livestream of the rally will be available here starting at 11:00 AM.

To learn more about how the Trump tax plan is impacting young people and student loan borrowers read our issue brief here.

WHO: Maggie Thompson, Executive Director, Generation Progress

Anna Scholl, Executive Director, Progress Virginia

Delegate Marcus Simon, VA-53

Alexandria Wheeler, Navient student loan borrower and Virginia resident

WHAT: Protest Navient’s massive windfall from Trump’s tax cuts

WHEN: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 11:00 AM ET

WHERE: Outside Navient Solutions, Inc., 20001 Edmund Halley Dr., Reston, VA 20191


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