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In blog posts, columns, and listicles, Generation Progress breaks down the issues, news, and data that matter most to young people, helping to bridge the gap between the real-life problems our generations face and the national political conversation.


Get the resources you need to fuel the progressive fight for young people around the country. Our resources include fact sheets, talking points, data series, key statistics and more. Use these resources to build your own campaigns and to find the best policy solutions to issues that matter most to your community.

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Your voice is powerful and you can use it to advocate for policy solutions put forward by the broader progressive movement. Take action by contacting Congress, telling your story, signing a petition, engaging in the regulatory process, and making sure this and every administration hears the voices of young people in America. Your actions here center young people in conversations with policy experts and legislators and give young people the opportunity to develop original policy solutions.

Action Toolkits

Find comprehensive action plans and ways to get involved using the Generation Progress action toolkits. Within our toolkits, find factsheets, key statistics, talking points, messaging, and scripts for young people to use when contacting policymakers, as well as links to additional resources. You can also find ways to directly contact decisionmakers here.

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