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October 2, 2013
Caption : Generation Opportunity panel     Credit : Randy Foreman, NewsBlaze Washington Correspondent

He’s real. The creepiest mascot of all time. Yes, that sinister smirking Uncle Sam exists in life-size form towering well above 6-feet with facial features that terrify. I met him last night in D.C. at a happy hour event, where we stood shoulder-to-shoulder.

Was he there to cheers the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment debut? Or perhaps the government shutdown? Or for his recent rise to viral celebrity?

Though he didn’t comment about the shutdown, he was there for the latter as man of the hour at the event hosted by Generation Opportunity and “The Daily Caller.”

Generation Opportunity is that conservative group responsible for the creepy doctor’s office ad campaign, featuring a mascot-style Uncle Sam, to convince Millennials that health insurance is unnecessary—especially Obamacare. The campaign is called, simply, “Opt-Out.”

photo_3.jpgThe happy hour itself was presented as a panel discussion between The Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein and Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg to explain why opting out of Obamacare is a viable option for Millennials.

As I approached the bar about a block away from the Capitol, I saw about a dozen 20- and 30-somethings (the Millennial demographic) waiting to pass through security, and I joined them as I took my spot in line to present security our IDs—no, not political party membership cards. This was billed as a non-partisan event.

Once inside, members of the Generation Opportunity staff greeted me at their sign-in table with beer koozies and pamphlets promoting their “Opt-Out” campaign. Like any respectful guest, I accepted the party favors and made my way through the crowd of a hundred or so Millennials and past the open bar to the stage where Weinstein and Feinberg were perched.

The duo spoke about their campaign to a group of about 20, sitting in folding chairs, as the rest of the crowd focused solely on the drink menu. There were pamphlets, so I guess they considered the gist of the panel discussion would be summarized there. I mean, of course health care can be effectively summarized on a small two-sided pamphlet. The actual law isn’t much longer, right?

But I enjoy discussion over a pamphlet, so I folded into my pocket and listened to Feinberg’s reasoning for opting out of Obamacare: Protecting your privacy.

Feinberg told attendees that government agencies will have access to individual’s health records under Obamacare and that “doctors ask if you are sexually active,” which he then said caused the potential for leaked records. In short: WikiLeaks will let the entire world know you are sexually active. Of course it makes sense that the embarrassment of a potential leak of information about your sexual activity is way worse than contracting an STI or treating one. Generation Opportunity’s solution? Just don’t enroll in a health care plan.

And what better way to portray that message than with a commercial where Uncle Sam creepily appears during a doctor’s examination?

“We are using an attention-getting campaign,” Feinberg said of the ad.

Yes, they’re focused on “attention getting” over facts. This is where I reached for the pamphlet hoping for a little more information. As I unfolded the half-sheet of glossy paper, I immediately saw the four illustrated logos under the title “Great Moments In Government Healthcare History.”

Talk about an exaggerated game of BINGO. (I can only imagine the prizes if this was actually a contest at the event.) As I flipped over the pamphlet, I found descriptions for each of the corresponding logos that connected Obamacare to Americans “injected with plutonium,” “refused syphilis treatment,” and “over 60,000 sterilizations.” These were the only facts of the evening. (Click to see enlarged photo.)

Perhaps they weren’t pamphlets, but rather coasters for the event. It makes sense with the beer koozie gift.

As I headed back outside, I saw another party goer on his way out: Uncle Sam.

I guess even he had to take a break from the discussion for some fresh air.

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