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By Doug Bair
September 24, 2013
Caption : By 2020 Millennials will account for one-third of the electorate, and today there is a non-partisan effort underway to register voters of that demographic in order to promote civic engagement.     

Six million Americans did not exercise their right to vote in 2008 because they either missed the registration deadline or were deterred by voter registration processes.

Today, volunteers and celebrities alike have joined forces in a non-partisan effort to register those Americans prior to this November’s election, in order to have their votes counted toward issues impacting their lives.

Many organizations like Rock the Vote and Generation Progress have encouraged Millennial voters to engage in the democratic process and register. Rock the Vote has launched an interactive map for voters to see which elections will be held in their states along with registration deadlines.

Generation Progress also released a statement to further motivate Millennials to exercise their right to vote.

“Many states have deadlines on the horizon, so it’s critical that young Americans are prepared and getting registered to vote,” Anne Johnson, the executive director of Generation Progress said.

Registering Millennials and educating them about the voting process is necessary as that demographic of the American electorate grows.

Fast-forward a few election cycles to 2020, and the Millennial generation will account for 95 million citizens—approximately one-third of the electorate—heading to the ballot box to cast votes for issues and candidates they believe provide their country with the best opportunity for all Americans.

“Engaging in our democracy by voting ensures that we are able to advocate for human and civil rights and justice for every young American,” Johnson said.

To learn more, visit National Voter Registration Day’s website.

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