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By Rhonda Brown
November 7, 2013
Caption : Leslie Foster's visit to was flawless with no glitches, and he was able to enroll in a health care plan with significantly more extensive coverage than his previous plan. The best part? He only pays $62 a month for it.     

There were no glitches when Leslie Foster, 29, enrolled online for a health care plan that provides him with more extensive coverage than his previous plan.

The best part? He pays only $62 a month for it.

As old co-founder of Traveling Muse Pictures and a freelance filmmaker in Hollywood, California, health insurance has previously been outside his budget due to skyrocketing costs pre-Affordable Care Act (ACA). Therefore, he had opted to remain on his parents’ health insurance plan, which was possible due to a provision of ACA; however, that coverage only lasted until he turned 26.

Although covered, his parents’ insurance only provided him with minimum coverage that included just emergency room visits.

But now three years older than the 26-year-old cutoff, Foster eagerly anticipated the opening day of enrollment on October 1, and he dedicated the day to exploring the new array of coverage options afforded to him by the ACA.

He researched the different California providers and made his decision the following morning.

Health Net insurance, his final decision, is considered a silver premium of the ACA and has a monthly premium set at $213.68 per month. However, after applying subsidies he can receive based on his income of about $20,000 a year, his total monthly payments came to $62 per month.

Even without those subsidies, Forbes provides an analysis that indicates Foster’s plan still remains lower than the national average of $328 per month for mid-tier premiums based on the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) calculations.

Foster describes his initial reaction as an overwhelming experience.

“I hadn’t had health care since college, and it blows my mind to have an extensive amount of coverage,” Foster said.

Foster has received an online confirmation of his enrollment from Covered California stating that his first payment will be due in December with an effective date of January 1, 2014.  

Eagerly awaiting for his coverage to begin in a couple months, Foster has now shifted his focus to finding a primary care physician because visits to that doctor’s office will now be covered under his ACA plan.

Foster is spreading the word about his success with and benefits of his new health insurance plans via his social networks to clear confusion among friends and other individuals.

“I usually say try, but I also like to provide links to explain,” Foster said.

The biggest misunderstanding he said is about the website itself, but there are still other misconceptions about the actual costs of the plans.

“I didn’t have any problems,” Foster said. “The website was pretty easy to use and well laid out.”

Foster is content with his coverage and price via his ACA plan.

“I’m young and healthy,” Foster said. “I’m the perfect demographic to sign up.”

*This article was corrected to show that Foster is 29 years old, not 28.

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