By Vivian Nunez
May 9, 2016
Credit : Flickr user Russell Feldhausen.

Two former students at the Kansas State University filed lawsuits against the school claiming Kansas State violated Title IX.

According to The Kansas City Star, both students–in separate lawsuits–are also accusing the school “of negligence in failing to warn and protect the women against a ‘foreseeably dangerous environment’ at K-State and of falsely promoting Greek life on the Manhattan campus as “fun and safe.”

The cases allegedly happened at off-campus Greek houses, which is why the students say the school did not investigate the cases.

Under Title IX, colleges and universities across the nation are required to investigate any allegations of sexual assault that are brought to their attention, if the incidents occur between two students.

A representative for Kansas State University said in a statement, according to The Kansas City Star:

“The university said it ‘does not discuss litigation matters in the media, nor do we publicly discuss individual reports of discrimination, including sexual violence….the university has a strong policy prohibiting discrimination, including sexual violence, and provides a multitude of resources and assistance to students and employees.”

Kansas State University is one of over 200 open claims that the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is currently investigating; in these cases universities are being investigated for potentially violating Title IX when it comes to how campus sexual assault. The number of colleges being investigated has progressively increased since the initial list of 50-something were released in May 2014. In many cases the increased media attention to the issue of campus sexual assault is often credited for the increase in survivors coming forward as survivors.

Nationally the statistics state that one in five women will be sexually assaulted during their time in college. Of those who are sexually assaulted less than five percent historically report their assault and somewhere between 75 and 90 percent of assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows.

The details of the Kansas State assaults are mostly very scarce since it is an active investigation.

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