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By Alexandra Kilpatrick
January 21, 2016
Caption : Men's rights activist group Return of Kings recently hosted a boycott of the newest "Star Wars" film to protest the film's "non-white and female agenda."     

Men’s rights activist group Return of Kings recently hosted a boycott of the newest “Star Wars” film to protest the film’s “non-white and female agenda.”

The group claimed that their boycott cost Disney $4.2 million, but the film broke a record $1 billion at the box office in a mere 12 days.

Jimmy Kimmel responded to the boycott during his show Tuesday, January 5 by saying that Disney heard the group’s concerns and released a separate version of the film that they’ll find less offensive and emasculating.

“Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” the script reads. “Brah! Luke Skywalker has vanished! It’s a total bummer. While he’s been chillin’ in his secret chill-spot, these dudes came by called the FIRST ORDER. They’re actually pretty dope and have some pretty interesting things to say about women and minorities. Resistance pilot Poe Dameron (MAN!) has been sent to the remote planet of Jakku to recover a bottle of AXE BODY SPRAY that may lead them to Luke. If the Resistance finds the Skywalker mancave, they could totally learn the ancient Jedi techniques of bench pressing, hair gelling and crushing mad trim. Reading is hella boring, so here’s some huge jugs. Niiiiiiiice…”

Unfortunately, groups like Return of Kings show that sexism and racism are still alive and well in the United States. Sexism and racism are huge issues for Millennials.

For example, according to a recent Rock the Vote poll, about 67 percent of Millennials see police violence against African Americans as an issue, while about 75 percent say that the government should require officers to wear body cameras to protect citizens against such brutality. According to a 2014 MTV survey, about 91 percent of Millennials believe in equality and that everyone should be treated equally. About 84 percent responded that their families taught them to treat everyone equally, regardless of race, while 89 percent believed that everyone should be treated as equals.

As for sexism, the problem is still a huge issue for Millennial women, especially in the workplace. According to a 2014 Pew Research study, 51 percent of Millennial women believe that society still favors men over women and 75 percent say that changes need to made in the workplace to achieve true gender equality. About 15 percent of Millennial women surveyed reported facing gender discrimination in their careers.

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