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By Brian Stewart
May 5, 2014
Credit : Media Matters.

It has been just a week since Fox News premiered its latest show, “Outnumbered,” and already the program is raising eyebrows for continuing to perpetuate the same types of sexist narratives for which the cable network has become know.

The premise of the show is beyond absurd.

As described by Fox, one male host—who the show requests you call #OneLuckyGuy on Twitter—is pitted against four female co-hosts, which Fox describes as “outspoken, outrageous, out of the box and outstandingly smart.”

You can see where it’s going. Despite the “female-centric” format of the show, critics have lambasted the program, like Amanda Marcotte of Slate who said that the “the male point of view is still so central that it gives the show its title.”

In the first episode, that #OneLuckyGuy was Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who let loose a flood of offensive commentary, including asserting that a 17-year-old high school student who was “fondled” during a lap dance from his teacher in front of the class was not a “victim.”

Throughout the segment, viewers are treated to statements like these from Carlson:

  • “This is the dream of 15-year-old boys.”
  • “I think legitimate opinion divides whether this was appropriate for the classroom or not.”
  • “She’s obviously a very enthusiastic teacher.”

Despite pushback from Carlson’s female co-hosts, he continues to advance the idea that sexual harassment is not a crime if you’re a young boy. When pressed on how he would react if a male teacher behaved in the same way toward his young daughter, Carlson said it’d be wrong.

Why? Because, “girls react differently to this kind of thing—it’s just reality.”

Watch the clip below, via Media Matters:

While Carlson’s remarks implying that young men cannot be victims of sexual harassment are offensive, they’re also wrong.

Men and boys can, of course, be sexually assaulted or raped. The Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network reports that about 1 in 10 victims of sexual assault are male, but male victims have historically been less likely to report a being assaulted for various reasons from self-blame to concerns that it will make him seem less manly.

What’s incredibly troubling about this exchange is that it came the day before the White House released a major report on how to address sexual assault on college campuses. Yet, Fox News literally devoted zero minutes to covering the major new nationwide initiative on April 29, when the White House hosted a large event with Vice President Joe Biden and unveiled the website as part of the initiative.

Carlson’s unpleasant commentary is just one example of how “Outnumbered” is promoting misogynistic viewpoints.

In Carlson’s episode, a conversation on female politicians devolved into discussion about their physical looks. Another segment on Happy Meal toys resulted in the argument that “girls like pretty ponies, and boys like toy trucks,” with one host calling herself “odd” for not wanting to play with Barbies as a child.

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