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By Christine Dickason
April 17, 2013
Caption : The Senate is expected to vote on several gun measures today. Here's what you can do to make your voice heard.     


Guns have been a hot topic lately. A poll we released this week shows that Millennial are 92 percent in favor of universal background checks, 75 percent oppose conceal and carry permits on college campuses, and upwards of 64 percent think that the gun culture in our country has gotten out of control. Do you agree? 

Here's how you can get involved on this critical issue:

1. Tweet a picture of yourself holding a sign that reads #TheyDeserveAVote to honor the thousands of young people who have been killed by guns, including the young people who lost their lives six years ago at Virginia Tech. Tweet at your senator and your friends and family.

2. Use the hashtag #NoMoreNames and tweet at your senator to demonstrate the strong, unified support of young people across the country for commonsense gun reforms.

3. Learn more about this campaign at

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