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By Amir Salehzadeh
January 6, 2015
Caption : Credit: Noelle Stordock     Credit : AP/Lynne Sladky.

Noelle Stordock, 25, from Menomonee Falls, WI has health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

For Stordock, gaining affordable, quality health insurance is personal. She has been suffering from the same condition since she was 16 years old:

“I have an issue with my esophagus called achalasia where food [and] liquids would get stuck in my esophagus and would cause me to throw up.”

Credit: Noelle Stordock

Credit: Noelle Stordock

Stordock had surgery as a teenager, but after she lost her health insurance, the condition arose again.

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, there would have been no protections in place for Stordock. One of the cornerstone protections of the Affordable Care Act is a guarantee to be protected from discrimination against preexisting conditions.

“Achalasia did affect a lot of my life — not being able to eat because of throwing up would just cause me to not feel well on a daily basis.  It affected work, school and my social life.” Now, she says, “I was able to have surgery this past year to help get this taken care of,” hopefully once and for all.

She says that without health insurance and federal subsidies, she would not have been able to afford health insurance and would not have been able to get surgery.

Stordock is currently in pursuing a Master’s degree, so affordable health insurance allows her to focus on her studies without as much stress.

Now, she’s opted to pay $150 a month for a catastrophic plan and though she receives no subsidy from the federal government any longer, she still maintains that health insurance would be out of reach without the benefit of the health insurance market exchange. From her research, other health insurance plans would have cost her as much as $300 a month.

The enrollment process was easy, Stordock says: “I was able to help a few other friends and family get a plan.”

Stordock is happy to have stable health insurance, something her family has not been able to enjoy since her father became unemployed.

For now, she says she’ll finish her Master’s degree and continue playing soccer — something she’s been doing since she was six years old.

Join Stordock and millions of others who are gaining quality and affordable health insurance by enrolling today. Open enrollment runs through February 15. Explore your options today and visit for more information

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