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By Amir Salehzadeh
December 3, 2013
Caption : Courtesy of Eric Kingsbury.     Credit : AP/Jessica Hill.

Eric Kingsbury, 25, finally has health insurance via the Silver plan through Covered California (the state-run Affordable Care Act exchange), after living without health insurance for nearly a year.

Kingsbury is glad he’s covered now, though because he was, “extremely nervous about going uninsured for a year, but I figured I was young and healthy and wouldn’t need to see a doctor.”

Many Millennial Americans share the same perspective on health care under the premise that they are young and will continue to remain healthy.

However, Kingsbury says when a friend of his had a major health scare that required her to “have an MRI and a battery of tests” he realized what a gamble it is to go without health insurance and the price tag associated with those bills.

“I decided it wasn’t worth the risk,” Kingsbury said. “You never really know when unusual, and perhaps even, expensive circumstances arise. Better to be safe than sorry.”

Courtesy of Eric Kingsbury.

Courtesy of Eric Kingsbury.

Although he did not qualify for a government subsidy, and pays $297 per month, he says the benefits offered via his new plan are more generous.

Since his enrollment, he has been on an offensive to try to educate his peers about the ACA.

“I have encouraged my friends to enroll in plans, but most of them are either still on their parents plan—thanks to the ACA—or get insurance through work,” Kingsbury said. “Anyone who is uninsured, which includes most of the contractors I work with, should sign up as soon as they can.”

He admits that the law is far from perfect, but he is happy to be insured.

“I’m just looking forward to being able to see a doctor whenever I need to,” Kingsbury said. “Any ache or pain, cough or sprain, terrified me when I was uninsured.”

Without question, the ACA has provided Kingsbury peace of mind.

To opponents of the law, Kingsbury says he challenges them on the facts, because of a slew of misinformation out there.

“Give it time, it’s an improvement over what we had.”

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