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By David Halperin
January 5, 2012
Caption : Halperin has directed Campus Progress for more than seven years.     

Today is my last day at Campus Progress and the Center for American Progress after 7½ years here. In spring 2004, the Center asked me to advise it on building a program for young people.  As we launched Campus Progress, I was so inspired by the young people I was meeting, and so excited about the possibilities for working with young people to change the country, that I wanted to stay and help make this effort a success. I've been lucky to have the job; lucky to see Campus Progress contribute to some victories; lucky to see talented young people, from a wide range of backgrounds, inspired to pursue lives in public service, journalism, and social change.

Nothing would have been possible for Campus Progress without the remarkable work of so many friends, colleagues, partner organizations, government and community leaders, and supporters—so thank you. We have strived to make Campus Progress a good partner in efforts for change, and I hope that sometimes we succeeded.

I'm grateful to the leadership and staff of CAP for their outstanding work and their support for Campus Progress. I'm also extremely grateful to, and proud of, the amazing 56 staff members and 151 interns who have done such a great job at Campus Progress over the years, and to the incredible young people across the country with whom we have collaborated. The current CP team and community is strong and talented, and I am excited to see where they take Campus Progress. Engagement by young Americans remains essential to moving this country in a progressive direction, and the leaders and members of all the youth organizations out there deserve respect and support.

I'm returning to advising organizations on strategy, policy, politics, communications, and legal matters.  I'll be working on issues including money in politics, higher education, and government openness and accountability.

Keep up the fight for positive change.  Much has been accomplished in recent years on critical issues, but there's so much more that needs to be done. 

Thank you all.

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