Read and Watch on CNBC: The 2020 election shows Gen Z’s voting power for years to come

“Both Generation Z and millennials are voting generations,” says Brent Cohen, executive director of Generation Progress. “The preliminary data says, in fact, this was the election with the highest turnout rate of young people that we’ve ever seen.”
Young People Voted in Record Numbers in the 2020 Election. Here’s What They Voted For.


Young voters have delivered a strong message about both their political power and progressive vision for the country they want to live in.
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Watch on Cheddar: How Young Voters Hope to Propel Their Progressive Reforms Forward Under the Incoming Biden Administration

Brent J. Cohen, Executive Director of Generation Progress and Vice President for Youth Engagement at the Center for American Progress, joined Cheddar to discuss how young voters will try to push their progressive initiatives forward under the Biden Administration.