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May 21, 2013

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The Millennial generation is set to inherit some serious challenges, but don’t be mistaken: this hasn’t discouraged young people from taking action to improve the conditions of their communities and college campuses. All over the United States, young people have been taking matters into their own hands on the issues that are important them. Whether it’s organizing for worker’s rights on their college campuses, or advancing the rights of immigrants or LGBTQ people in their communities – the energy and passion this generation has for progressive causes is absolutely vital to making change.

We currently manage two issue-based networks within our Action Network.


  • Fight4AFuture Gun Violence Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform Network. We have been a leader in building an inclusive movement with a holistic view towards long-term, proactive solutions to the gun violence crisis in America. Our third annual #Fight4AFuture Summit marked the beginning of a new, intentional effort to incorporate criminal justice reform in our work.
  • Higher Ed, Not Debt. Higher Ed, Not Debt is a Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.48.24 PMmulti-year campaign of dozens of organizations dedicated to tackling the crippling and ever-growing issue of student loan debt in America. With over $1.3 trillion in outstanding educational debt, affecting more than 40 million Americans, we have partnered around a simple message and a clear objective: Higher Ed, Not Debt!

Exclusive Trainings

Generation Progress has partnered with Wellstone Action to provide both in-state and national trainings for our Action Network Members. Learn more about Wellstone Action:


Wellstone Action is partnering with Generation Progress to advance a strategic national vision to support young people in developing and implementing progressive solutions to key political and social challenges. Our goal is to provide individual leadership development and organizational capacity building for more impactful collective action in the youth progressive movement. Our mission to train a new generation of grassroots organizers and engage them in progressive national and state campaigns for immigration reform, gun violence prevention, LGBTQ equality, student debt, and economic justice. We provide training and strategic assistance on everything from best practices for facilitating a meeting to organizing, mobilizing and building youth power to managing volunteers and strategic planning.


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