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‘American,’ But Just Undocumented


Jose Antonio Vargas, award-winning journalist and undocumented immigrant, nabs this latest TIME cover with his new ‘Define American’ campaign, which documents the lives of the undocumented while redefining what it means to be American.

VIDEO: The Real Victims of Voter ID Laws

Last year, Wisconsin became the latest state to pass a law requiring citizens to show identification at the polls.

EXCLUSIVE: Zach Wahls On The Boy Scouts’ Decision To Reconsider Anti-Gay Discrimination Policy

ThinkProgress talks with Zach Walhs about the Boy Scouts of America's announcement.

VIDEO: Campus Progress Action Hosts Student Debt Day

Check out highlights from #StudentDebtDay.

VIDEO: President Obama’s Announcement and What’s Next for Marriage Equality

Our parent’s organization executive vice president weighs in on the announcement.

GRAPHIC: What Obama Said on Gay Marriage

Check out President Obama's comments—visually.

VIDEO: Stafford Loan Press Conference

U.S. Senators Jack Reed, Tom Harkin and Sherrod Brown held a press conference to discuss the importance of preventing the interest rates on Stafford loans from doubling this July.

VIDEO: Obama, Students Tell Congress: #DontDoubleMyRate

Check out this video featuring clips of students and President Obama calling on Congress to keep college affordable.

During President Obama’s Visit, UNC Students Discuss #DontDoubleMyRate

Students discuss the importance of affordable higher education.

SCOTUS Hears Arguments Against Arizona’s SB 1070, Protesters Gather Outside [VIDEO]


On the first day of oral arguments, protestors gathered at the Supreme Court steps to denounce the anti-immigrant SB 1070.

WATCH LIVE: Obama Speaks on #DontDoubleMyRate in Iowa City

The president will speak from the University of Iowa at 2:20 p.m. Eastern.

VIDEO: Marshall Fitz, Eduardo Garcia Discuss Supreme Court’s SB 1070 Hearing

Check out the second of a two-part video series on the controversial case before the Supreme Court today.

VIDEO: President Obama Slow Jams #DontDoubleMyRate with Jimmy Fallon

Following his slow jam with Fallon, the president will speak at the University of Iowa today.

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