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My Name Is Ayesha Khan. I Am Racially Profiled.

Plane taking off

I already saw the TSA officer’s eyes widen as he saw where my student visa was stamped: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Here we go…

L.A. Public Schools to Teach Queer History

Students should be taught a truly inclusive history, acknowledging the fluid nature of sexual and gender identity.

My Happy Hour with the Anti-Obamacare Uncle Sam

Generation Opportunity panel

To better understand that Koch brothers' funded campaign promoting the perils of health insurance to Millennials, I RSVP'd for a Q&A panel and cocktail party hosted by Generation Opportunity and The Daily Caller.

On Chelsea Manning: Being Trans in the Military, Post-DADT

Chelsea Manning

The American military does not exist in a vacuum, but is intimately intertwined with other institutions in our society—educational institutions, the media, the government, prisons. Trans discrimination is easy to spot in military policies, but it is widespread in the civilian world, too.

Yes, You Can Go To College and Not End Up With Crushing Debt


To address student debt, a bold idea from the Education Trust: revamp the entire financial aid system to reroute tuition aid to student from middle- to low-income families.

At Commencement, How Obama Got it Wrong on Race


While the Obamas opened lines of communication to young black grads during their commencement speeches at Morehouse and Bowie State Universities, they also revisited some troubling and tired rhetoric.

Here’s One Way to End Poverty


Give free money to everyone.

Here’s How to Get America’s Economy Back on Track


And save this generation at the same time.

Snoop Lion Wants You To Remember The Cost Of Gun Violence


Will you hear what he has to say?

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


What's new with abortion this week?

‘Accidental Racist’: Starting the Conversation Isn’t Enough


Brad Paisley and LL Cool J fall short.

Mythologizing Margaret: What Britain’s First Woman Prime Minister Actually Did For Women


What the mythology of "The Iron Lady" has to do with trickle-down feminism, the "glass-ceiling," and the problems with our movement today.

Laughing Our Way to Marriage Equality


Anti-marriage equality arguments are starting to seem silly.

Memphis Activists: The KKK Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can Plan ‘Biggest Rally’ This Weekend


The KKK is set to host one of its "biggest rallies of all time" in Memphis, Tenn., this weekend.

From Steubenville to Torrington: Rape Culture in the Media


In the wake of Steubenville, there's been a lot of discussion about the dangers of social media, and the way the internet has changed gendered and sexualized bullying.

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