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As Construction Continues On Dakota Access Pipeline, So Do Protests

In rural North Dakota, hundreds of lodges and teepees spread across acre-long fields as tribes from around the nation gather in solidarity. Their peaceful protests are aimed against the most recent land issue—the Dakota Access Pipeline.

How a Broken Supreme Court Impacted My Community

It is unfortunate and unfair that that we must fight for our freedom in a way that the majority does not. But this is also the precedent in a nation in which forgotten communities have historically put tireless efforts and noble sacrifices into making their voices heard.

Meet Joanna Fang, The First Openly Transgender Woman To Win A Primetime Emmy

During this year's Emmys, which aired this past Saturday, Sept. 17, Joanna Fang became the first openly transgender woman to win a primetime Emmy.

Want More Millennials To Vote? Talk To Them About Higher Education.

Young people are speaking out about the issues that are the most concerning and relevant. It is now up to the candidates to make these issues a priority.

Robust Income-Driven Repayment Programs Can Help Borrowers Keep Payments Low

Many student loan borrowers are eligible to change the terms of their payments through income-driven repayment (IDR) plans.

Let’s Talk About The Millennial Wage Gap: Salary History Bans Won’t Just Help Women

It’s common for employers ask would-be employees about their salary histories, often using the answers to reduce their offers. But in Massachusetts, come July 1, 2018, employers will no longer be legally allowed to ask prospective employees about their salary histories.

Forming A More Perfect Union, One Voting Rights Case At A Time

The last few weeks saw wins in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas, and North Dakota as courts in these states struck down restrictive local voting laws.

The Trials And Tribulations Of The College Vegetarian

When it comes to addressing the monumental challenge of climate change, many college students are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. Sometimes, that effort even extends to what they eat—or don’t eat.

Working Across The Aisle To Wake The Millennial Vote

This group of college students is working across the aisle turn out the youth vote this November.

Memorializing Black Life Through Music

Some turn to private therapy, some lean on their community and loved ones, and some immerse themselves in their work. For singer-songwriter Alan Scott, the process of healing and recovering from the trauma of black death began with doing what he does best: music.

Meet Naeemah Charles, A 21-Year-Old Superdelegate From California

We talked to Charles about her journey, her role as a superdelegate, and youth engagement in politics.

Five Minutes With Gun Violence Prevention Activist Caleb Webb

Caleb Webb is a young grassroots lobbyist in Arizona who’s passionate about common sense gun laws. In light of GP's upcoming #Fight4AFuture Week of Action, we spoke with Caleb about his experience meeting with his U.S. House Representative’s staff and how other young people can do the same.

How The University Of Phoenix Is Profiting Off Students, Veterans, And Now The NCAA

The University of Phoenix—one of the largest for-profit colleges in the country—has taken advantage of thousands of students and veterans, directly contributing to the student debt crisis that has left 40 million Americans in debt. It’s been subject to multiple investigations for its ...

Black Lives Matter Is Not About Separatism. It’s About Justice.

Between black people and white people, between protesters and officers, there was one general consensus: Enough is enough.

What Does My Attorney General Do? Hint: It’s A Lot.

It’s clear that AGs keep busy: in addition to consumer protections, they also oversee antitrust policy, civil rights issues, environmental protections, labor laws, and more, in addition to acting as the chief legal officer for their state and its residents.

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