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How Divestment Can Counter The NRA And Help Prevent Gun Violence In America

Starting a divestment campaign on your campus is an important step that you can take to reduce the gun violence epidemic in America. Whether you’re on campus or an alumni, there are multiple ways to engage in this movement.

Op-Ed: Help Tear Down A Huge Barrier To Democracy

Within the story of American democracy resides an epic struggle—great patriots fighting against old exclusionary systems continually powered by racism, to bring the power of the ballot box to all Americans and the underrepresented.

Activist In Ferguson: “I Am Outraged And Angry Because This Is The New Norm.”

When I heard that a police officer shot and killed a young man that was going to college I was flabbergasted. Who do you call when the police are murdering. I knew then it was time to go to Ferguson, MO.

Experiencing Ground Zero In Ferguson, MO

On Sunday, August 17, we arrived in Ferguson, MO—a group of Millennials, ages 15 to 24, hailing from Chicago and Atlanta. During our drive, I kept asking myself, “Am I valuable enough to live?”

I Work At Subway, And My Boss Understands Why Raising My Minimum-Wage Salary Helps Our Country

On Wednesdays when our paychecks are supposed to be dropped off at the restaurant, the three of them gather in the lobby to wait together, each one of them praying that the checks get here before the bank closes their checking accounts don’t get overdrawn.

Gun Owner Explains Why America Needs Sensible Gun Legislation

Growing up in Texas taught me that gun ownership comes with responsibilities, something the pro-gun lobby does not seem to understand.

Learning To Accept A Fraternity That Accepted Me

My college frat brothers didn't want me to hide who I was—but I had to learn to accept them first.

My Name Is Ayesha Khan. I Am Racially Profiled.

Plane taking off

I already saw the TSA officer’s eyes widen as he saw where my student visa was stamped: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Here we go…

L.A. Public Schools to Teach Queer History

Students should be taught a truly inclusive history, acknowledging the fluid nature of sexual and gender identity.

My Happy Hour with the Anti-Obamacare Uncle Sam

Generation Opportunity panel

To better understand that Koch brothers' funded campaign promoting the perils of health insurance to Millennials, I RSVP'd for a Q&A panel and cocktail party hosted by Generation Opportunity and The Daily Caller.